Heneli Kailahi

Software Engineer

šŸ‘‹ I'm currently in the market for backend and full-stack software engineering positions. Please send hiring inquiries via Linkedin or email.


My name is Heneli. I'm a software engineer who can bring the best insights from functional programming to any engineering context. At my previous job, I occupied both backend and data engineering roles:

  • Using Python and Spark, I designed algorithms to synthesize media attention metrics from audio content recognition, CV models, ad metadata, and other data sources. Drawing on ideas from static refinement, program visualization, local-first systems, and modern operational techniques, I have continued developing strategies to simplify data programming.

  • Using Haskell, I developed backend services with a small team to drive evolving data pipelines, manage a 1000+ device fleet, and facilitate various data ingestions through an internal workflow engine. Through judicious application of advanced functional programming techniques, my team was able to greatly scale its impact and evolve a nimble codebase to meet the hectic data needs of a growing startup.


This blog focuses on programming and the software industry.